Enriched with tradition, enlaced with history and enhanced with the latest technologies –Loyola College Prep has begun a campaign to continue its legacyforever.

The Loyola Forever Capital Campaign is a multi-million-dollar endeavor to increase student enrollment, improve teacher benefits and transform the campus into a state-of-the art facility endowed with a modernized community center, gymnasium, library, technology center and classrooms.

As of March 1, 2013, LOYOLA Forever received approximately $4.3 million in donations and pledges from alumni and faculty who have chosen to be a part of this legacy!

Whether you remember Jordan Street’s red-brick school as St. John’s military school during WWII, or as Jesuit, the all-boy’s Catholic school of the 70’s, or as Snoopy’s home of the Flyers, we want your personal experience to echo through the halls of our new and improved facility.

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about the Loyola Forever Campaign.  As you do, please keep in mind how Loyola – its teachers and values – has somehow shaped the person you are today.

How will you choose to continue your own legacy?  Be a part of LOYOLA… forever.

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